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Ok, I’ve been telling you about the Low Density Lifestyle, and you may be getting it, or maybe you’re not. But today I’m going to tell you about it in a different way, through the power of images and music.
So sit back, click play and enjoy:

There are a lot of themes that the Low Density Lifestyle covers, and the video covers some of them. These themes include: flow, relaxation, effortless effort, creativity, imagination, genius, health and wellness, movement and exercise, longevity, spirituality, enlightenment, meditation, quantum mechanics, consciousness, stillness, happiness, peak performance, productivity, success and a lot more. So stay tuned as we continue to delve further…

Ten Signs That You’re Living a High Density Lifestyle

Have you ever had one of those High Density Lifestyle days?

Have you ever had one of those High Density Lifestyle days?

How do you know if you’re living a High Density Lifestyle?  Here are ten signs that will tell you if you are.  Ok, I’m having a little fun with it, but you’ll get the point when you go through it.

1. That Mother and her 3-year old just don’t seem to walk fast enough through the
crosswalk for you!
2. You begin to think that there is a conspiracy out there to make you late for work every single morning!
3. You’re starting a petition to replace food, water and air as our basic needs with an extra large coffee with triple cream and triple sugar.
4. When you leave the driveway in the morning it looks like a chase scene from your favorite police show.
5. The space around your lounge chair at your kid’s soccer, hockey or baseball games look like the desk at your office.
6. You pray for red lights because you figure that waiting at the light is a great time to get some business done.
7. You find sitting for anywhere beyond five minutes is a great time to get into REM state.
8. You’ve developed your own system of increasing muscle tone in your neck and shoulders without the benefits of working out!
9. You have discovered that ten minutes a day of crying is a new way of replacing meditation to release stress.
10. Whenever your heart starts beating fast you get excited because you’re reminded of your favorite disco tune.

Ok, so how did you fare?  Are you leading a High Density Lifestyle?

To achieve a Low Density Lifestyle might at first take work, but it is work that will pay off in tremendous dividends. Attaining this state is not hard, although for many of you there are countless roadblocks, most of which are self-inflicted.

But when you arrive at a Low Density Lifestyle you know it, because suddenly you begin to feel that everything flows and all tasks are done effortlessly. In this situation, the body and mind are in such resonance that you feel like you are “in the zone.”

Low Density vs. High Density Lifestyle

The opposite of a Low Density Lifestyle is a High Density Lifestyle. This way of living sooner or later creates blockages, or density, in the body and mind. When there’s high density in the body it can measurably be observed as high blood pressure, along with high levels of plaque, cholesterol, triglycerides, low density lipoproteins (where a Low Density Lifestyle is the right kind of LDL, low density lipoproteins are the wrong kind of LDL), and other markers of negative blood chemistry.

A person with high density in their body and mind will suffer from chronic health problems, and also will be prone to rigid and inflexible thinking.

At first, it’s actually easier to live a High Density Lifestyle than a Low Density Lifestyle. That’s because a High Density Lifestyle occurs when you go through your day on autopilot, oblivious to your body, environment and relationships.

How does a person end up living a High Density Lifestyle?  Living a stressed-out existence is one of the primary ways.  The greater the stress and overstimulation, the more the body will produce excess amounts of adrenaline, cortisol and other fat-soluble steroids in order to keep you in fight-or-flight mode and capable of staving off what is perceived as a threat to your existence.

The problem with these chemicals is that they cause tangible densities in the body.  Once they are manufactured, because of their fat-soluble nature, the body doesn’t easily metabolize them, leaving their toxic chemical residues to linger in the blood stream and to be stored in various regions.  The end result is damage to the body, and it can be severe.

“There is more to life than increasing its speed,” Mohandas Gandhi once said.  And this is so true.  Looking for more speed at all times is a sure-fire prescription for living a High Density Lifestyle.

People need and want to get off the gravy train of the High Density Lifestyle. They want to be FREE.  They want to be more in the flow, relax and feel their stillness, do things with effortless things.  This is our natural inclination and aspiration.  This is the Low Density Lifestyle.  This is the way life was meant to live.

The Low Density Lifestyle: The Secret to Becoming FREE

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To live a Low Density Lifestyle, all you have to do is become FREE.  In this case, FREE is an acronym that stands for:



Effortless Effort

Let’s break that down some – I’ll explain what I mean:

Flow: Flow is the state of feeling fully in synch and in harmony with the universal flow that permeates throughout. You feel like you are in the zone at these times. The author and creativity researcher Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi defines flow as:

” ‘Total control’ of one’s own mind is in fact too strong an expression to describe accurately what happens when one is in flow. The point is not that one can always do what one wants, but rather that the possibility of making things happen as one wishes is present in a way that seldom occurs in ‘real’ life.’ ”

Relax: Relax means finding the calmness and stillness within. When this happens, you can find your center and your balance. You can also find peace, because you are able to shut out all the static and noise that circulates all over the place.

There is a Spanish saying, “Cuán hermoso es de no hacer nada, y entonces descansar después.” This wise traditional proverb translates as, “How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then to rest afterward.”

And yet, so many of us are like a chicken without a head, running around here, there and everywhere, with a frantic energy. One of the big problems of modern day society is that so many people are burning their  candle out at both ends. The Chinese philosophers would say that people are burning out their yin, their nourishing aspect.

Effortless Effort: Effortless Effort is something the ancient Chinese philosophers called wu wei. The state of effortless effort describes a condition in which you are busy with effort, yet it seems effortless, as if the world seems to be working for you. You feel calm yet alert, focused yet receptive, drawing force from the storm while standing in its eye, acutely using all your senses. Like a marathoner who feels pulled forward, you accomplish the most with a minimum of energy. In this state hard work does not feel like work at all.

And so,  when you practice these essential characteristics—flow, relax and effortless effort—you promote a Low Density Lifestyle for yourself. An easy way to make these a part of your life is to commit to memory the simple formula: LDL = FREE.  That prescription stands for Low Density Lifestyle = Flow/Relax/Effortless Effort.

What is the Low Density Lifestyle?

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1105525_colour_explosion_151What is the Low Density Lifestyle? It is experiencing and living in the flow state on an everyday basis. This website is a guide that will teach you how to achieve and maintain this way of living.

A Low Density Lifestyle cultivates a more fluid and flexible body and mind, which allows you to become healthier and capable of living life to your fullest potential.

Would you like to feel healthier and have a greater sense of well-being? Feel happier, more joy and passion, and a greater sense of fulfillment? Have better relationships with your family, friends and significant other? Have an enhanced sex life? Improve your performance in your work, life and play? Gain complete self-mastery over your thoughts, feelings, and actions? Use more of your potential? Feel complete inner peace? Become enlightened? All this and more is what a Low Density Lifestyle can do for you.

All of us have caught a peek, even if it is glimpsing, of what a Low Density Lifestyle is like. We all have been there. Perhaps it was when you were on vacation, or when you did something you felt passionate about. Maybe it’s been when you were absorbed in nature; it could even have been when you were in the middle of a crowded city street. Time and place aren’t necessarily the key factors in achieving a Low Density Lifestyle, because ultimately it’s a state of mind.

Over the weeks and months ahead, I will explore the different facets of a Low Density Lifestyle and the different aspects of how to achieve it. I will talk about a lot of different topics, some of which may seem interconnected, and some not at all. But trust me, they all will be totally interrelated, because they will all be parts of what makes up a Low Density Lifestyle.

In these pages, I will discuss various topics of a Low Density Lifestyle:  the flow state, effortless effort, diet and nutrition, health and wellness, movement, flexibility, mindfulness, humor, spirituality, relationships, creativity, doing what you love, peak performance and many other key areas. So keep reading and keep coming back, because the aim is to help you live a Low Density Lifestyle, and in the process, allow you to have a wonderful and great life.

The only promise I ask of you is that as your life becomes so much greater, that you also share your knowledge with others, and help make their lives great also.