Dr. Michael Wayne

15Michael Wayne, Ph.D., L. Ac., is a practitioner of acupuncture, Chinese medicine and Integrative medicine and has over 25 years clinical experience as a health provider.  He has a Ph.D. in the field of Quantum-Integral Medicine—a field he has pioneered—which is about the science of emerging properties, and how it relates to the innate healing system and human potential.

Dr. Wayne is the author of the 2005 nonfiction book, Quantum-Integral Medicine: Towards a New Science of Healing and Human Potential, and has written articles or been featured in numerous magazines and journals around the world, and has been interviewed on radio and television around the country.

Dr. Wayne has been honored to receive endorsements from prominent people, including Marianne Williamson and Dr. Larry Dossey. Marianne Williamson said of him, “Michael Wayne has brought us closer to the understanding we need in order to heal ourselves, each other and the world.”  And Larry Dossey said, “A revolution in medicine is taking place, and no one sees this more clearly than Dr. Michael Wayne.”

Dr. Wayne is also the author of a very quirky novel, the 2007 book, The Knuckleball From Hell.

In addition to his writing, Dr. Wayne is the Director of the Center for Quantum-Integral Medicine, and in that capacity gives workshops and speaks to groups around the country.  He is also the founder of the IdeaLab, a thinktank aimed at developing creative solutions to issues in medicine, science and technology, business and the arts.