Dream…Believe…Love/Happy Xmas(War is Over)

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As we enter into the Holiday season, I thought a good way to end the year – this is the last article of the year (I’ll resume with the Masters of Enlightenment series right after the New Year) – is with the above video.

It’s a video montage I created in celebration of the spirit of the Holidays.

It’s an homage to peace, love, trust, hope, belief, and the knowledge that we can make this a better world, a peaceful, sane, healthy and happy world, a Low Density Lifestyle world.

I call it Dream…Believe…Love.

betterworldIf only everyone lived by that credo…

Below is another video that captures the spirit of the Holidays.

This is a song that when it came out in 1971 was branded as radical because it was written and sung by a notorious peace activist, John Lennon. Yet now, the song is heard every year at this time.

And that’s because it tells us of hope – about a world of peace, which is what the Xmas spirit is about, and also what a Low Density Lifestyle world is about. So now the song is a hymn that is heard every Xmas holiday season.

As well it should.

john-lennonThe only sad thing about the song is that it was written by a man who is no longer with us, a visionary who perceived what a Low Density Lifestyle world looked like, and articulated it very clearly.

Happy Xmas/War is Over – Thank you John Lennon.

And I want to thank each and every one of you…

Have a wonderful Holiday season, and see you next year.


3 Responses to “Dream…Believe…Love/Happy Xmas(War is Over)”
  1. Irlande Alfred says:

    I like the montage, but I did not like the only negative “Don’t Quit” All the other statements are positive ones! What could be used instead? Still thinking!!!
    Have a great end of year, let’s keep on hoping!
    So ‘Dream, Believe, Love, Hope’ is the title of the montage?

  2. Noelle says:

    Beautifully done!

  3. Thanks Irlande and Noelle, I’m glad you enjoyed the video montage. You make an interesting point Irlande about the “Don’t Quit” statement, I hadn’t thought of that. I’ll have to give it thought too as to what it could be replace with. And yes, “Dream, Believe, Love” is the title of the montage. Happy Holidays!

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