Integrity and the Maintaining of the “Self”

February 11, 2009 by  
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223102_commodity_trading Maintaining the integrity of the “Self” is an essential part of living, and we must be mindful to stand guard at the entry of the soul to keep our integrity intact.  To live a lifestyle that resembles that of a Low Density reality, we must be able to realize that we are in the world, but not of the world.

Maintaining integrity is so very important nowadays, especially within the context of the economic climate. Just last week a client  mentioned to me that in one day approximately seventy-five thousand people in the U.S. had lost their jobs. Now, I  particularly don’t listen to the news that intently, so I had to look that up before writing this article. Well, wouldn’t you  know it? It was true. This is the headline I read online:

Layoffs Spread to More Sectors of the Economy!

With this kind of news, there is no wonder the world in general is feeling the stress and strain of the present economic situation. The world has shrunk, as they say, so it’s not hard to believe that news like this seeps into the fabric of society and begins to affect our collective consciousness.  Well, in my opinion, and it is always only my opinion, the antidote to making it through this present negative reality is to remind yourself that “this too shall pass.”  In the meantime we need to also remember that we need to maintain the health and integrity of the “self.”

To maintain your integrity and authentic nature, you have to remember not to become the event, or to become your title. So in the unfortunate event that your position at work comes to an end, or you lose some material possessions during this time, remember, you don’t have to lose your self as well. Keep reminding yourself that you are greater and more resilient than the present situation, so that when this passes, and it will, you will be able to reinvent yourself and start all over again.

Integrity is an important aspect of a Low Density Lifestyle. When you move in this direction it means realizing that you are not who you think you are. You are actually much greater than that!

Spread the word, live a low density life.