How Well Do You Sleep?

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Now, She is a Great Sleeper! Do you sleep as well as that?

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One of the signs of being stressed out is not sleeping well. Sleeping well is crucial to relaxation, stress management and healthy living.

Many people have trouble sleeping. They use all kinds of sleep aids/medications to help them. But taking drugs for sleep is not an answer if you’re interested in health and wellness. The answer is learning good stress management approaches.

Do you have trouble falling asleep, or do you have trouble staying asleep? If so, the stress if getting to you.

If you want to have stress management and experience stress relief, then review the articles on 30 Ways to Relax Part 1 and Part 2. The suggestions on ways to relax are also relevant for ways to help you sleep.

The ideal is to sleep like a baby. To hit the pillow and be out like a light. Then you know you have no worries, you have good stress relief techniques, and you’re well on your way to healthy living.

Sleeping well also keeps you in the land of The Low Density Lifestyle.

If you want to see some really good sleepers, see the video above and check out the pictures below for some uncanny good sleepers.

Nighty-night to all!! See you in the the land of dreams!1742883218_56b529cb6f1742023451_54564572512092390485_4b54b01fec2092410691_28ba4345fc12093188998_6020f0828c2092410461_e9d7dc8cb81819818626_a404cb2763

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2 Responses to “How Well Do You Sleep?”
  1. Angela says:

    I’m not too sure if this is correct, but the pictures you put up in your sleep post are group suicide pictures of people in Japan, especially the ones with Japanese girls in uniform. By the way, why are all the pictures of Asian people?

  2. The pictures were from a website showing sleeping people. I don’t think they have anything to do with suicide – if so, I never would have printed them. And the pictures are of Asian people only because those were the pictures on the website.

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