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Personal Coaching with Dr. Michael Wayne

Personal Coaching with Dr. Michael Wayne is for you if:

1) You are deeply caught up in a High Density Lifestyle and don’t know how to escape its clutches in order to live a more healthy, happy, fulfilled, passionate and successful life.

2) You are living a Low Density Lifestyle but need direction on how to apply the 12 steps to living a Low Density Lifestyle in order to have a more fulfilled, successful, passionate and enlightened life.

Coaching can include:

***Direction on improving health, including diet, movement and exercise, and energy cultivation.

***Direction on becoming more flexible of mind, and becoming aware of your dogmas.

***Direction on cultivating a more mindful approach to living.

***Direction on developing and cultivating your creative intelligence, so that you can access your innate genius and visionary potential. Once you do so, the sky is the limit as to what you can do in life.

***Direction on finding what it is professionally that gets your juices flowing, so that you can start doing the thing that you love – and then giving you a practical plan to get there.

***Direction on achieving success in life, in the realm that you were meant to be involved in.

***Direction on emotional health and attitudinal healing, in order that you don’t sabotage yourself with such negative emotions as fear, anger, anxiety, jealousy, guilt and the desire to control.

***Direction on developing a sense of inner peace, contentment, calm and a sense of balance.

***Direction on becoming more enlightened – this means thinking at a more evolved level, along with developing wisdom, knowledge, insight and clarity of thought, and functioning at peak capability.

Dr. Michael Wayne has helped thousands of people in his 25 years of clinical practice in medicine, healing and personal development, and he wants to help you also with his coaching program.

Here is what others have said of him:

“Michael Wayne’s program should be considered a necessary step in the path to spiritual enlightenment and awakening your hidden potential.” – Clare Wood

“His program is an untraditional inquiry that intends to go beyond the limits of the mind.” – Bill Hagen

“I feel like I’ve been led to a higher awareness, opening the gates that had been locked, letting myself free.” – Renata Grec

“Michael is very knowledgeable, gentle, and light hearted – a great teacher. He puts you at ease and creates a positive, nonthreatening, learning environment.” – Lee Lakritz

“What I’ve learned is that: not everything in life goes the way you want it to. But if you just sit back, be mindful, maybe even write out what you feel, you’ll be more able to deal with the stuff that you are going through or are going to go through. Michael’s program helped me to realize that I needed to be reintroduced to myself.” – Asia Tierney

“Taking Michael’s program was like allowing my mind to receive a wonderful massage.” – Chris Riccardi

“It isn’t often that such breadth of knowledge and understanding is presented with simplicity. His program lifted and moved my relationship to self and life in a very graceful manner. Most importantly, I felt that it provided a framework to accept the many gifts that life has brought to me.” – Kathy Abreu

Do you want to begin to change your life now?  Do you want to live the life for yourself you’ve always imagined – a life of health, happiness, fulfillment, passion and joy, and success?  Then you owe it to yourself to begin a coaching program with Dr. Michael Wayne.

Each coaching session takes 45 minutes, and is conducted either by phone or skype.

You can sign up for one coaching session, or a package of 4 or 10 coaching sessions.

Once you pay using Paypal below, Dr. Wayne will contact you to set up a session time, allowing you to get started immediately!

If you have any questions about the coaching program, go to the Contact Us page and fill out the form with your questions.


$150 for an individual coaching session – click option 1 on the Paypal button below

$500 for 4 coaching sessions – click option 2 on the Paypal button below

$1000 for 10 coaching sessions – click option 3 on the Paypal button below

Please note: You do not need a Paypal account to pay by Paypal.

Coaching Sessions with Dr. Michael Wayne