Total Eclipse of the Heart – The Literal Version

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I’ve been discussing laughter and humor all week, because they are essential aspects of helping you to feel lighter, and helping you to get in the Low Density Lifestyle mode.

Actually, as of the article the other day on the new depressant medication Despondex, I’m not discussing laughter and humor as much as just writing articles that are aimed at making you laugh and chuckle.

Ditto for yesterday’s article on the ultra-condensed versions of many classic stories.

And for today, check out the above video – it’s really funny. It’s a spoof – called the Literal Version – of a music video that came out quite awhile ago for the hit song Total Eclipse of the Heart.

The song Total Eclipse of the Heart come out in 1983 and was sung by Bonnie Tyler. You still hear it from time to time, as it is a ballad that has endured.

The original video, the one that the above spoof video is based on, was very serious – you can see it below, if you are so inclined. I like the above Literal Version better.

Plus it’s funny as all hell, while the original one borders on pretentious.

But, you be the judge. Just remember to have fun while watching.

And remember the more you laugh, the more you get in Low Density Lifestyle mode. And that’s not a bad thing.

If you’re having trouble getting the guffaws and chuckles out, you can always take up Laughter Yoga.

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